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Final Deadline for 2013 Personal Tax Filing!

Final Deadline for 2013 Personal Tax Filing!

October 15, 2014 is fast approaching, therefore the deadline to file your personal tax returns that were placed on extension is coming!

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Parents can cut taxes with child-related credits

Parents can cut taxes with child-related credits

Are you a parent? Give yourself some credit – a child-related tax credit, that is. Here are two that can reduce your 2013 federal income tax liability.

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December 2013 Newsletter

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December 2013 Monthly Client Newsletter

This Month:

  • Take final year-end actions:
    • Gifts
    • Capital gains/losses
    • Charitable giving
    • Dividend income
  • December 5th:
  • Last day of Chanukah
  • December 25th:
  • Christmas Day
  • December 26th:
  • Kwanzaa Begins
  • January 15th:
  • 4th Quarter Estimated Payments Due
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A Solo 401(K) - Great Tax Deferment

Retirement-PlanningEveryone wants to save taxes.  Well here is a solution to defer taxes, which in the long run may save you taxes - feel free to contact us to learn more about the basic strategy of retirement planning.

Strategy: Set up a solo 401(k) plan. Due to special tax rules, you can contribute more to this type of plan than other comparable retirement plans.  In fact, a solo 401(k) offers an unprecedented tax-saving opportunity for a married couple working together.

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